Is working from home good for you?

Is working from home good for you? Throughout my life, now being on the wrong side of 50, I have noticed a shift in our working lives. My mother and father both worked full time as I was growing up in the 80’s. Going to work made the early morning all a military operation, getting us off to school so they could leave for the office.

It was a way of life and continued to be for so many people until Covid-19 hit, then our lives changed forever.

Do we require office space in a world that likes us to stay away from one another? The answers lie with the planners, concept of open plan office space, hot desks is become taboo and a thing of the past. As property developers look at the buildings that they are in the process of building with wide eyes of whether anyone would be willing to occupy the space they have created.

Is it time to look at our spaces and think how can we create a Covid secure environment?

Do we need all this space, do we need to look at our private homes and build different homes with an office as standard.

I have worked from home for the past 8 years, it has given me an experience that I relish. I am more relaxed and in control of my life than if I had to leave to go to work. Its lonely sometime but that was always covered by going out for meetings, but now we do the meeting on Skype or Zoom, this I find unhealthy, we need human interaction in some form or another.

But the experiences that I have heard from friends and colleagues are different, If you have kids it has added an extra challenge especially when the schools where closed. But now the children are back it should create a more productive environment.

Returning to the office hasn’t been as easy as some may of thought…

There isn’t enough space to occupy everyone as we all were sat opposite or next to one another, so many are still working from home, split into teams, one week in the office one week out. One of my friends said he lasted till midday and realised there was not enough food at the office so he went back home!

Will we ever return to pre Covid? I doubt it personally. I believe the little experiment, that was an enforced experiment, worked out really well. Productivity was increased, yes I am sure some took the mick, but the majority of us enjoyed working from home, sitting in our gardens enjoying the sunshine whilst having our daily/weekly zoom meetings.

I just wish the technology to handle all of us using the internet was there… but that’s for another blog post!

Note: If your required to work from home you can claim £6 per week tax benefit to assist with heating or electricity. You would need to discuss this with your employer to see where you stand.

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