Do we need to look at this differently?

So we have arrived in September 2020, five and a bit months after our country was put into lockdown from the pandemic of covid-19, a virus that is crossing the globe at a rapid rate of knots.

Where do we look for hope of an end to all of this: is there hope of a vaccine? But then if we get a vaccine will it stop the spread? So very many questions that do not have answers.

We have spent significant amounts of time trying to stop the spread across the UK, with each devolved government all doing different things, in some cases good in others poor. But is there a wrong way when we are battling an unknown?

Unfortunately, we are judged against each other, but all situations are different. Each area, each country, each continent. The figures that are coming out of India today are alarming, yet with no cure we can only see a bleak future.

We are continuing in a phase of containment: locking down local areas when cases rise. Yes this has a catastrophic result on local businesses but what is the alternative? Continued spread of a killer virus? No one wants that. So being sensible and continuing to socially distance when outside your four walls at home surely is the answer.

Hospitality has been hit hard through this pandemic: socialising is now difficult to do when a virus uses this element to transfer from person to person. So, all elements of this sector have had to scramble to set out containment and “covid safe” areas, but this seems to be only containment. We need to look further than this.

Do we need to look at this in a different light? I personally can’t see this coming to an end any time soon (as in years). So, do we need to start building buildings with socially distancing in mind? We all know space is a premium but we need to manage this situation with change. Create restaurants that enable you to socialise without endangering each other, look at how we manage the worker who is there to service you.

There isn’t a current solution to all of this but maybe we need to start changing the way we think about this and realise that the future needs to involve a coronavirus solution.

Do we need to look at ways to change our habits and lives to live with the virus?

The world has changed forever despite whatever you think. The forward-thinking people who adapt to the change quicker and build for a brighter future, will come out on top.

More questions than answers here but I believe with discussion and shared views we can all learn and develop a solution to get us over the line. Let me know your thoughts.

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