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All things hospitality from – concept- startup- delivery – we have the tools to make it happen.

Welcome to Morgan-Huntley Associates

As hospitality Consultants, we want to take you on the journey of success; many new catering and hospitality businesses start each year believing they have the tools to be successful. By using Morgan-Huntley Associates we will give you a head start on many services. We have worked with many great companies and would like you to utilise those recommendations to save you the time and effort in locating them yourself.

We will manage your project from day one and see it through until the point that you are happy for us to walk away.

Mark Morgan-Huntley survived 35 years in a kitchen learning his trade from the best, taking him all over the UK and abroad. Eight years ago he decided to go it alone and set up his first company where he cut his teeth in business. Learning as he went to turn his idea into a profitable business. His hands-on approach was well sought after: his reputation preceded him.

Are you looking to start a business in the hospitality industry? Think you have a good idea? Need help in turning your idea into reality? look no further, here at Morgan-Huntley Associates, we pride ourselves on delivering first class project management through knowledge and advice.

Our 4-Step Process

Initial meeting to discuss the idea

Initial meeting: We would meet up and discuss your “CONCEPT”, your ideas, your dreams, your
passions, your abilities. We want to get to know you.

Recommendations report for your business

Recommendation report: Once we have the Idea, we will put a plan in place on how to start the process. We would create a roadmap from start to finish for you or us to follow.

The implementation process

Implementation: “START-UP” We would manage the project using the clearly defined recommendation report. Bringing in the experts of their fields, from areas such as legal, building, interior design, equipment, training, finances. We have all the tools to make it a seamless process.

Offering operational support

Operational support: “DELIVERY” If, when you are up and running, you still require our assistance, we have the means to support you through any set of circumstances. We have FOH staff, chefs and managers to fit any situation.

Each step will have a timeline associated to it for clarity and commitment from Morgan-Huntley Associates. No hidden charges – just clear and concise methodology.

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